VooDoo13 2015-17 S550 Ford Mustang Rear Camber Arms


Our S550 adjustable rear camber arms provide a great solution when your Mustang has been lowered and the factory slotted adjustments are maxed out. The range on these arms is -4.5° to +5° relative to the stock control arm. NOTE: To fully utilize the range on these arms, it must be paired with adjustable rear toe arms. These arms were designed to be easily accessible without the subframe getting in the way of the adjusters, as well as increased strength over stock for the high demands of motorsports. The QA1 XM series rod ends eliminate play from the stock rubber bushings thus improving handling and predictability. Energy Suspension polyurethane bushings help keep NVH down compared to oem rubber bushings that flex and wear over time.

Adjustment has been placed on the outer end for ease of adjustment. The Chromoly turnbuckle adjusters and female rod end provide a slim profile for maximum clearance from the axle. In addition, the arm is offset 12mm for the same purpose as well.